Eddo had eyes, so we planted them


Eddo is a type of taro which originated in southeast Asia. Eddos are called Satoimo in Japan and are commonly eaten. We can buy them here in Canada in some supermarkets. A few days ago I found some of the eddos that we had bought had sprouted, so we planted them in our garden.

While you cannot eat potato sprouts, eddo’s eyes are edible because they are not toxic. In fact, we also eat young shoots of eddos which we call “zuiki.”

However, since the buds have sprouted, I would like to plant and grow them in the garden. It didn’t seem difficult to grow them either, so we decided to try it.

Eddo loves water and prefers clay to well drained land. They can grow in the shade or half-shade, but they grow better in sunny places.

We have “potato” cultivation bags that we just started preparing for planting Daikon radish. We used one of the bags to plant eddo and buried two more eddos in our back garden. 

We dug holes about 15 cm deep, put the eddos in, placing their eyes face upward, and covered them with soil. We gathered the soil around afterwards so that they can get maximum water supply, and then we watered them a lot to finish. 

We also marked the planted area with sticks so that we won’t step on them by accident. We need to take care of them, not letting them dry up and they should be prolific, hopefully. 

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